The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker

1959 | Comedy | TV-PG
THE REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER is set in the 1890s in Pennsylvania. This is the story of Horace Pennypacker, Jr., a successful porkpacker who has two families - one in Philadelphia and another in Harrisburg. Together, the families total seventeen children.Since his business has kept him on a strict schedule of one month in one city, the next month in the other for some years, there has never been any confusion or contact between the two families.However, when his daughter Kate becomes engaged suddenly to a local minister, Wilbur Fielding, Horace leaves his Philadelphia office unexpectedly for Harrisburg. Ma Pennypacker and his Harrisburg family await him at the station but, instead of Pa, one of his Philadelphia sons arrives and gives the entire story away.It turns out that a Philadelphia marshal is following Pa to Harrisburg to arrest him for printing some pro-Darwinian literature and Horace Pennypacker III has to come to Harrisburg to warn him.However, when Pa arrives on the scene everyone, including his father, Horace Pennypacker Sr., and his wife's sister, Aunt Jane, as well as the young minister's father, The Reverend Dr. Fielding, are waiting for him.After some hilarious events, during which both grandfather and son Pennypacker are arrested and spend the night in jail, the wedding is held, but not before both families are straightened away and Ma and Pa Pennypacker are remarried.
Featuring: Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire