Cinderella Liberty

1973 | Romance | TV-PG
A "Cinderella Liberty" is Navy jargon for a pass that runs out at midnight. Sailor John Baggs Jr. (James Caan) has such a pass, and intends to make the most of it while his ship is docked in Seattle. He "wins" prostitute Maggie Paul (Marsha Mason) in a pool game, but backs off when he finds out that she has an 11 year-old son and a baby on the way.John has so much empathy for Maggie's travails that he marries her. When Maggie loses her baby, she is unable to resign herself to living with John, plagued by both guilt and an unwillingness to be tied down. She returns to her old lifestyle and John runs after her, avoiding capture by the shore patrol by switching identities with a rootless ex-sailor.
Featuring: James Cann, Marsha Mason, Kirk Calloway
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