On John Huston

Director, screenwriter, and actor, John Huston was ahead of his time. The winner of two Academy Awards, he directed Hollywood's greatest talent including Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, George C. Scott, Marilyn Monroe, Edward G. Robinson and many more. Below those close to the director remember him.

1. Katharine Hepburn

“He may have no common sense – he may be irresponsible and outrageous. But he is talented. He ain’t where he is for no reason. And you’d better watch him. And learn a few things.”

2. Lauren Bacall

“He has great integrity about his work. And when it comes to making motion pictures – directing them as well as writing – there’s no one better. He is as talented as anyone I am likely to meet in my lifetime.”

3. Paul Newman

“I think the thing that made working with John so easy was that he really liked actors. He liked the processes. He urged you to make mistakes so that you would stretch yourself and it was all done with such tenderness and care somehow. I look back on that experience as the most rewarding experience I’ve had as an actor…”

4. Anjelica Huston

“He was never to my recollection afraid. I don’t remember a moment in which he seemed fearful or trepidatious. He very much took the bull by the horns and loved it, loved that danger.”

5. Arthur Miller

“He thought like a writer. He understood what a story was… he loved reading. He was never without a book. He would always say, ‘You never saw a good movie that didn’t have a good script.’”

6. George C. Scott

"Huston is a magnificent mover of the camera. Directors don't move the camera anymore. Huston still moves the camera. And is a master at it. Huston does not depend so much upon the cutting room as most modern directors That doesn't mean John is passe. He's not. He's more, in my estimation, of a classic director."