Fawcett and Douglas Explore Saturn 3

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The same month that Farrah Fawcett appeared for the final time on Charlie’s Angels – the television series that made her a public sensation – she also starred alongside Kirk Douglas in Saturn 3, directed by Stanley Donen (Singin’ in the Rain, Charade). Go behind the scenes of the 10 million dollar project below!

1. William Holden could have been cast.

Farrah Fawcett was the first to be cast for the film when she happened to be given the script – which was then called The Helper – by one of the movie’s producers on a plane. Fawcett said, “It was a very interesting script, so creative.” William Holden could have been her co-star, but he passed on the part, which eventually went to Kirk Douglas. Before Harvey Keitel, Jeff Bridges, Martin Sheen, and Michael Douglas were all considered.

2. That’s not Keitel voice.

Harvey Keitel may be the face you see on screen, but that’s not his voice! Director Stanley Donen said, “Because of all the noise on the set, the original dialogue track had to be looped.” While the other actors came back to record their dialogue, Keitel didn’t, so his voice was dubbed by Roy Dotrice. Rather than mimic Keitel’s New York influenced accent, Dotrice was instructed to make it sound more transatlantic.

3. Donen was involved since the beginning.

While making Lucky Lady, Stanley Donen encouraged his production designer John Barry to develop the original idea that he pitched to the direct. At the time, Barry had yet to help create the look for Star Wars and Superman. Donen said, “Barry was supposed to direct it, and I was just going to produce.” However, Barry’s inexperience with the actors caused tension on the set, and Donen eventually took over.