Peyton Place

1957 | Drama | TV-PG
Based on the bestselling novel by the same name, 'Peyton Place' tells the intriguing and often scandalous stories of a small New England town. Oscar nominee Lana Turner leads the cast as Constance MacKenzie, dress shop owner and single mother who tries to shield her daughter, Allison, from her tarnished past. Allison's best friend, Selena Cross, is a nice girl from the wrong side of the tracks with an abusive stepfather. Rodney Harrington, the son of the wealthiest family in town, struggles between his relationship with his father and his own life ambitions. As passions are ignited, murder is committed and secrets bubble to the surface, forcing the town to face its moral hypocrisies. The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards and was the second highest grossing film of 1958.
Featuring: Lana Turner, Lee Philips, Hope Lange, Lloyd Nolan, Diane Varsi